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Massage Services and Fees

30 min    $75

45 min     $90

60 min     $110

90 min    $155

 all prices include HST

 Payment in CASH, CHEQUE (to Natalie Amell),
or eTRANSFER (to

I am a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) licensed in Ontario, you will be issued a receipt to submit for health insurance.  
No doctor's referral is necessary, but your individual health insurance may require a doctor's note.  
I'm sorry, I am not set up to accept claims through HCAI  (Health Claims for Auto Insurance), nor do I do direct billing.

* Please arrive a few minutes early so your treatment can start on time.  If running late, please text me so I know you are indeed coming in.

* If you need to cancel or change your booking time, please do so 24 hours before your appointment to avoid cancellation charges.  Missed appointments will be charged the full rates.  
* If you cannot make your appointment and you would like to send a friend or family member in your place, let me know, I'm happy to accomodate.
* I really don't like being sick!  There is no penalty for cancellation due to illness. If there has been vomiting in your house within the last 24 hrs, please call to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.

* Our Canadian winters can be unpredictable and I'm not a fan of driving when it's stormy out. I am able to walk to the clinic but I know not everyone can. There will be no penalty for our harsh winter conditions if you need to cancel at the last minute. Please call or text me at 613-684-0246 to notify me of your cancellation, otherwise no-show fees will apply.


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